Music Maestro

Clare gets your gig off to a good start
She plays piano from the heart
She takes requests and plays by ear
Creating your perfect atmosphere

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Poetry & Parody

Clare plays on words, not just her keys
Writing bespoke prose and parodies
Penning the words you find hard to say
Into a Poem for that special day


Party Pieces

Extra special touches are so much fun
They break the ice for everyone
Sing Offs, Lip Mimes or Parodies
Get your guests up on their knees!

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Perfect Ambience

Sometimes music is all that’s needed
While your guests are stood or seated
Playing the songs that mean the most
Is the perfect backdrop to raise a toast


Clare’s piano can be quite healing
She really can capture the feeling
Any songs you want her to play
And a keepsake CD to take away

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Contact Clare, waste no more time, for some beautiful piano or written line.