Funerals & Remembrance Service “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” ⁓ Aldous Huxley ⁓

Clare is empathic and intuitive by nature. She will be focussed on helping carry you through the service with the right words & music to honour your loved one and their legacy.


Playing at the Service £200

Clare will play the pieces closest to your heart and in a way that most honours your loved one. Clare will play as guests arrive and are waiting, during the service and as mourners leave for the wake. Please take Clare up on her offer to go over some pieces and ideas in the comfort of Clare’s home, or your own if you own a piano.



Remembrance Poem £60

Clare will write the most beautiful and personal poem to honour your loved one, which can be read out by a friend or family member, or by Clare herself if she is playing at the service.

Many decide to also have the Poem printed in their Order of Service as a Keepsake for those who attend the funeral or who are unable to.

Clare wrote a poem, with her brother, for their own Mother’s funeral & they were too upset to read it out so asked their cousin. It was so poignant & such a testament to their mother. Clare will be honoured to do the same for you.


Funeral Keepsake CD CD £99 MP3 £50

The songs Clare plays at the service professionally recorded on CD or MP3, and kept in a wooden box for you to cherish along with any poem if you have also commissioned Clare to do this.

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