There are so many documented scientific benefits of learning to play

the piano at a young age, including better performance

in and out of the classroom, increased self esteem,

improved fine motor skills, greater concentration,

arrangement of anxiety and the creation of new neural pathways

that will last a lifetime.

Playing the piano is also a whole brain activity that strengthens a child’s propensity for lifelong learning.

Clare’s personal philosophy on teaching piano is that it must be child-led and her message to parents is this: Please do not pressurise your child to study and pass exams. (Make this stand out please!) Children should have the options to take grade exams if they so wish but not to the detriment of their enjoyment of the piano and future potential as a musician. We lose far too many talented musicians due to an unnecessary fear of ‘performing’ or sheer boredom at the hands of rigid repetition. Don’t let this performance anxiety stop your child from experiencing all that the piano has to offer. If a child plays simply for the love of it, this love will last a lifetime and make it far more likely that they fulfill their potential as a musician anyway. (Make this stand out please).

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